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More and more frequently companies look for solutions which allow them to completely delegate all the technical phases of a project, from studies to entry into services and sometimes beyond. Global and integrated solutions, known as 'Turnkey', guarantee optimized costs, reduced delivery times and an optimum performance level for all projects.

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To provide clients with a one point contact for the total project requirements. We offer complete package from 'Concept to Comissioning'

Our Areas of Specialization

Petroleum / Flammable Gas Installations

  • Underground / Above-ground Tank Farm Installations
  • LPG / Other Gas Bullets (Tanks) Bulk Installations
  • Gas Manifold Installations (Vapor Off-take / Liquid Off-take)

Utilities & Others

  • Piping fabrication for all mediums
  • Utilities Installation (Compressors / Blowers / Air Receivers etc.)
  • Cyrogenic Installation (Liquid Nitrogen / Oxygen / Other Gases)
  • Structural Fabrication
  • Civil Construction


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